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Jason Lewis Richardson

Screenwriting, Film Production and Film Soundtracks


Devil's Black


A corrupt sheriff loses control over his town when a priest with a mysterious past enters the picture.

Billy Robin

Controversial secrets are revealed after a peculiar 14 year old director fails to end a school musical in 1979.


An aspiring and troubled science fiction writer in 1952 feels her ideas are being stolen from her mind. 

Five Feet

15 years after a fatal virus has killed 80% of the world by just being close, love is still alive.

Wide Awakes

A group of men travel to join a youth movement but end up in the middle of an assassination plot.


A female coal miner in the 1940's must choose between her family or the union during a violent strike.



Five Feet Web Series

Pilot Episode - "Dedication"

Teaser video

The Story

Five Feet is a dystopian thriller set in a small midwestern thrown that follows the lives of people where everyone in the world is a carrier of a fatal virus that is activated when people are near each other. 

The series chronicles the emotions and actions of The Infected, the virus carriers, as they cope with years of no human contact. They spend their days in desolate towns, crumbling homes and even the outdoors, trying to maintain a normal existence while waiting for either a cure or ultimately death. They try to maintain the habits and structures of society to but the need for touch and proximity was greater than anyone could imagine to keep. 

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Series Bible Examples

The following are examples from the Five Feet series bible. This is used to provide the background to the web series including the history of the world, character traits and episode overview for the entire first season.

3D Printed Props


Carry on my Words

The Story

Gil, Irene and Helen are the only three cult members that wake up from a mass suicide. They struggle to understand why they are left behind but become more disturbed when they realize that their leader, Fritz, has run away. What happened to Fritz? Where did he go? What does he want them to do next?


One of the most best ways to help people quickly visualize how the script they'er reading is to use illustrations. Derek Stewart has brought Gil, Helen and Irene to life and give us insight into what their world could look like.


Lookbook Examples

The following are examples from the Carry on my Words lookbook. This is used to provide the director, director of photography, the crew and investors context of how the film will look prior to filming.

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