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A collection of feature and short film scripts ranging from a rural period piece to a future where the world is forced to remain 5ft apart or die.

Eternal Dusk

Gail struggles with her role in the world but it only gets worse when she can remember her past.

Billy Robin

Controversial secrets are revealed after a peculiar 14 year old director fails to end a school musical in 1979.


A female coal miner in the 1940's must choose between her family or the union during a violent strike.

Shut In

An unambitious library worker unknowingly gets recruited by an elderly con artist to help track down a lost fortune and rectify a transgression.

Wide Awakes

A group of men travel to join a youth movement during the Civil War but end up in the middle of an assassination plot.


An aspiring and troubled science fiction writer in 1952 feels her ideas are being stolen from her mind.



15 years after a fatal virus has killed 80% of the world by just being close, love is still alive.


A man struggles to exist in a world where everyone is forced to say 15 syllables every minute of the day when they are awake.

Devils Black Water

A corrupt sheriff loses control over his town when a priest with a mysterious past enters the picture.

Carry on my Words

Three survivors of a cult’s mass suicide who anxiously await the return of their missing leader try to understand why they are still alive.

Spin Cycle

Space explorers are given a chance to come home if they'll only take a leap of faith.

Five Feet Pilot - Dedication
Mourning Routine

The Story

Five Feet is a dystopian thriller set in a small midwestern thrown that follows the lives of people where everyone in the world is a carrier of a fatal virus that is activated when people are near each other. 

The series chronicles the emotions and actions of The Infected, the virus carriers, as they cope with years of no human contact. They spend their days in desolate towns, crumbling homes and even the outdoors, trying to maintain a normal existence while waiting for either a cure or ultimately death. They try to maintain the habits and structures of society to but the need for touch and proximity was greater than anyone could imagine to keep.